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What are "Commercial Rights"?

If you intend to use a voice over for promoting your product or service in non-paid marketing channels (Facebook, YouTube, your personal website), this applies to your order.

What are "Broadcast Rights"?

If you intend to use this voice over for advertising your product or service in paid broadcasting channels (like Radio, TV and Online/Live Streaming) this applies to your order.

What accents or languages do you offer?

I offer a wide variety of tones and accents: American, British, Transatlantic, Irish, German, French, Russian, etc. My years of academic voice instruction has required me to interpret and properly pronounce multiple languages.

What is your communication policy?

I pride myself on maintaining an open communication policy. I believe in fostering transparent and collaborative relationships with clients to ensure a smooth and successful project.

You will receive a message from me shortly after I have received and reviewed your script. You will then be notified when I have begun work on your project. If I have any questions during this process, I will send you another message and wait for your response before proceeding.

Are you open to real-time direction while recording my voice over?

Yes. We can meet via Zoom and you may direct me while I record your voice over, ensuring the exact read you want. Message me to set up a time that works for both parties!

Do you time sync audio narration to videos?

Yes, this is considered an add-on service.

Do you do "Adult Content"? Short answer: No.

Long Answer: I will not record voice over for Adult/XXX/Pornographic/select NSFW content. CONTEXT and DISCLOSURE are immensely important before you even order. If you think your script falls within this category, please reach out to me and highlight the lines in question before ordering.


How are you able to create music with "Unlimited Instruments"?

Advancements in audio technology and the accessibility of high-quality sample libraries have significantly improved in the last two decades. These libraries have become much more affordable to freelance composers over the years.

Is the music produced using a live orchestra or sampled instruments?

Currently, I am utilizing multiple sample libraries, along with my vocals, guitars, basses, percussion, keyboards, and loop station. On occasion, I will outsource a musician if the project calls for it (say a cello player, trumpeter, vocalist etc).

Sample Libraries & Software: Presonus Studio One, Kontakt 6, Sonuscore, Audio Imperia, EastWest, RedBox, Spitfire LABS, and many more!

Does "Unlimited Instruments" also mean unlimited stems & files?

Not at this time. Separating files for clients takes up a great deal of time and processing power. I consider this an add-on service and pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

What if I am dissatisfied with the finished product?

I am more than willing to negotiate a compromise depending on how much work I put into the project and the level of communication made by both parties. The goal is to provide enough communication throughout the project to ensure this does not happen!

If you create a song for me, who owns the recording?

We both do! You have a full commercial perpetual license for what I create and I have the right to use the work for promotional purposes.

I require that credit be given to me as follows: Music by Phillip Nathaniel Freeman (ASCAP).

If you’d like to forego credit, please purchase the Ghostwriter License to acquire ALL rights and responsibilities.

Do I need to purchase a broadcast license for the music?

If you intend to use these compositions for advertising your product or service in paid broadcasting channels (like Radio, TV and Online/Live Streaming) this applies to your order.

Where do I start licensing the cover song I'm asking you to create?

The information age has made licensing a much easier task to navigate. Here are some great resources on the topic:

If you record a cover song who owns the recording?

You own the rights to the recording of the song, but the original publishers / copyright holders own the song itself.

Can I provide audio samples for you to use in my order?

Yes, as long as they're your samples or that you've acquired any and all rights to use those recordings. The legal liability is your responsibility.